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When Tabitha died, many people mourned. She had been such a good and gracious and generous lady. But she didn't stay dead. How can this be? It has to do with our good and gracious and generous God--the Maker and Giver of Life. Find out why Tabitha didn't stay dead. Listen to the next WE KIDS, Bible-based and kid-sized radio for young'uns.

Romans 1:16 is this week's Bible verse to remember:

       For I am not ashamed of the gospel,
       for it is the power of God for salvation
       to everyone who believes,
       to the Jew first and also to the Greek..

What about this "power of God for salvation"? There's more coming during the next WE KIDS. Here's talk from me about knowing God through Jesus.

E-couragement from a Connecticut WE KIDS mommy listening to WIHS-FM: "Hi Mr. Nick--can I sign up my daughters, Rachel Joy (6) and Catherine Elizabeth (10) for your club? We love your show and listen every Saturday here in Connecticut. Their birthdays are 1/21/12 and 2/7/08. Thank you and God Bless! Marcy" [Marcy-mom, you certainly may. Rachel Joy and Catherine Elizabeth should have a happy supply of our WE KIDS stickers and copies of our WE KIDS Kronicle by now. God's best to you all.]

At home in Paradise, the backyard blackberries >>> are delicious. They took some pruning work in January--but are worth it when June arrives. It seems like lips and finger tips around here are much-stained with blackberry juice these days. Not a bad thing. Thank You, God. (How did you come up with these little tasties?)

As for our Loving God, He's what the next WE KIDS is about. (Along with kid-sized radio hugs.) I'll need an ear or two from you. Listen!

Mr. Nick

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