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April 1 weekend
Listen with this family

One trouble with being the Son of God, Jesus found, came when He said He was the Son of God. This made the religious leaders very upset with Jesus. So they brought Him before leaders of the Roman government. What happened? Things got worse before they got better--but remember: we're on our way to Resurrection Day. Hear more during the next WE KIDS, faith-building and family-friendly radio for little people.

Isaiah 53:3 is this week's Bible verse to remember:

       He was despised
        and forsaken of men,
       A man of sorrows,
        and acquainted with grief;
       And like one from whom
        men hide their face,
       He was despised,
        and we did not esteem (respect) Him.

Jesus, who is God, let Himself go through some very bad things--all for us. He loves us! Learn more during the next WE KIDS. Here's some talk from me about Him.

E-couragement from a WE KIDS online listener in North Carolina: "hi Mr. nick, I would like 10 we kids chronicles, and 10 strips of stickers.please (my dad is a pastor and I do Sunday school if you were wondering why I want some many things.) Thanks! Ellie" [You've got 'em. I don't do this for everybody, Ellie--but PK's are special. God's best to you and your fam.]

At home in Paradise, I'm still glowing from a recent birthday bash. Friends and family had me laughing and feasting from 7 AM around to bedtime with lots of birthday goodness--the best ever! One of the highlights (with the help of grand Mercy Rose and her fam) was a restaurant chorus of singing servers. Thank You again, dear Lord. Celebrating birth to this earth (and there was plenty) is almost as good as celebrating new birth into your forever family!

Which is what the next WE KIDS is all about. There's nothing like new life in Jesus. Listen!

Mr. Nick

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