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April 22 weekend
Listen with this family

Here's a multiple-choice question: Which word is the wrong way to finish this sentence?
"The Bible tells us to love..."

       A) people
B) ice cream
C) God

Got it? The answer is... "B"--because the Bible says lots about loving God and people--not ice cream. Hear more about this by listening to the next WE KIDS, fine fun family-friendly radio for little folks.

I John 4:7-8 is this week's Bible verse to remember:

       Beloved, let us love one another,
       for love is from God;
       and every one who loves
       is born of God and knows God.
       The one who does not love
       does not know God,
       for God is love.

God's love is far different from the "love" of the world. Hear more about it during the next WE KIDS. Here's some talk from me about new life in Him.

E-couragement from a faithful WE KIDS listener in tune with the Good News Network in Georgia: "Good morning, Mr. Nick! Hope all is going well for you and the kids there. Your programs for kids give us older "kids" something to think about. Thank you. I am enclosing my check ... to keep your program strong. God will provide but it's good that we can help each other... God is good + faithful. I keep on believing, hoping + most of all, LOVING those little kids. God Bless, Mrs. Judith" [Mrs. Judith, you're such an encourager!]

At home in Paradise, the place is bloomin'! With record-setting amounts of rain this year, the spring flowers are bee-you-tee-full, including the dogwood trees, with hundreds of blooms in one place. Thank You again, Creator God. You're the One speaking these flowers into being. Wow.

There are plenty of little flowers around with WE KIDS, too. Are you one of them? Point your petals this direction and listen to the next program!

Mr. Nick

PS--My next exit-machine, the word is, has four wheels and is zippy. What do you think it could be?

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