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June 3 weekend
Listen with this family

When God's people returned home after being captives, they found their homeland in ruins and the Temple of God destroyed. What a sad time! So what did they do? Find out by listening to the next WE KIDS, little people's radio with a BIG message of new life in Christ.

Psalm 53:6 is this week's Bible verse to remember:

       O that the salvation
       of Israel would
       come out of Zion!
       When God restores
       His captive people,
       let Jacob rejoice,
       let Israel be glad.

God restores hearts and lives. Hear more about Him during the next WE KIDS. Here's some talk from me about His goodness to us.

E-couragement from WE KIDS online friends in central California: "Mr. Nick, we just want you to know that our staff prayed for your ministry today. Thank you for all that you do. GateWay Church Staff" [Thank you, GateWay friends. We're in this together for Him for eternity.]

At home in Paradise, the sunny days are getting hotter. So why not open the place up and move some of that stuffy air out? Not a bad idea--until a few minutes after the front door is opened last week, a pigeon flies in and perches on a drapery valence in the living room. "What are you doing in here, bad-bird?" The discussion with him about staying is brief. Maybe it's best to keep the doors closed on stuffy days. Certainly not boring, though.

WE KIDS isn't boring, either. It's kid-listenable, family-friendly, and great for your heart--because it's all about Jesus! Here y'are.

Mr. Nick

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