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April 28 weekend
Listen with this family

Have you ever been rescued? Being rescued is special. But if you've ever been rescued by an angel, that's really special. And that's exactly what happened to the apostles after they'd been thrown into prison for teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ. Learn more during the next WE KIDS--it's as much fun for little ears as it's good for little hearts.

I Peter 5:7 is this week's Bible verse to remember:

       ...casting all your anxiety on Him,
       because He cares for you.

Worried? God has it all under control. There's more about this during the next WE KIDS. Here's talk from me about it.

I love hearing about how my WE KIDS-kids are growing. Like Elizabeth, now completing her work at Ouachita Baptist University in Arkansas. So it was good to be there when she performed music by Mozart, Chopin, and Debussy, her senior piano recital for a Music Education degree. Wow, young lady! That's a loooong way from marching during WE KIDS. Blessings.

E-couragement from long-time WE KIDS listeners to WBMJ in Puerto Rico, where the lights have been out since the big storms of last fall: "Mr. Nick, Thanks for the prayers! We got our power Friday night but didn't find out until this morning!... We try being patient... 219 days,10 hours was a long time!... Now, island-wide power outage 24-36 hrs!!! How's that for adventure? What it means: Pitch darkness again everywhere. Sleepless night with noisy generators on all sides & across from each other. We both went to see our doctor today for the flu. Dr. herself is sick with it. Power went out while at her office. Took prescription to Walgreen, supposing to pick up meds at 2:30. They sent message they couldn't confirm my health insurance. I waited to 4 to go find out what was up. Pharmacy closed until further notice-no meds! Surely God wants to make sure you don't forget us for a while in your prayers! Depending on His power & healing, Sam & Viv" [Sam and Viv, we're praying for you and with you! God is faithful.]

At home in Paradise, no probs like Puerto Rico! Biggest trouble these days are weeds in the flower beds and garden plot are seriously-sprouting with the warmth and wetness of spring. So right after a rain, they get yanked up by the bucketsful. Remember how weeds started? It was because of sin in the Garden of Eden years ago. Now we're still pulling them out. Oh, well. No weeds in heaven.

And how do we get to heaven? Thanks for asking. Jesus! To tell you more about Him, here comes the next WE KIDS.

Mr. Nick

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