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Father's Day weekend
Listen with this family

happy family

There was once this slinky, sneaky, sly snake that lied.  And the first lady of the Garden of Eden believed him.  The snake’s name was satan, the lady’s name was Eve, and what happened after that is the reason we’re not living happily ever after.  But it’s no fairy tale.  Learn more by listening to the next WE KIDS.  It’s a kid-friendly and God-honoring little program for little people and their families.  WE KIDS!

James 1:13 is this week's Bible verse to remember:
       Let no one say

       when he is tempted,
       "I am being tempted by God."
       For God cannot be tempted
       by evil, and He Himself
       does not tempt anyone."
Man and Woman are both people, lovingly made by God to enjoy Him together and bring Him glory. There's more about this during the next edition of WE KIDS. Here's the short version.

E-couragement from online WE KIDS listeners in Michigan: "We are Joshua (8), Rebecca (7), Timothy (5), Anna (4) and love your pogram!" Dad adds: "The kids love listening in the car, whether on our way to church or out and about. They do love hearing the program and ask for it often. :)" [It's great to hear from your friendly family, Daniel-Dad. Now that you mention it, WE KIDS does indeed make car-cruising better. Your stickers should be there soon.]

At home in Red Bluff, I happened to walk out into the front yard a few nights back and came across the biggest and fattest toad
ToadI've seen in a long time. Of course I picked him up, quite a handful, and chatted with him eye-to-eye. Though he didn't say much, I told him I appreciated his keeping the bugs under control in the yard and reminded him that God made him that way. (Nice work, Lord—another curious creature from Your creative mind!)
God has done even better work by making kids, each one in His image. Which is what makes you an important part of WE KIDS
along with our Lord God. Ready for the next program? Right here!

Mr. Nick

PSOddly, I'm hearing that the next WE KIDS exit-machine may be "intergalatic." What do you think it might be?

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