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January 16 weekend
Listen with this family

happy family

Lightning can be pretty scary. But can you imagine what it would be like if God sent fire from the sky? It happened at least twice. And God did not miss. One of those times had to do with Elijah and the false god Baal. Learn more during the next WE KIDS. It’s Christ-centered and Bible-based radio for kids and their families. WE KIDS!

Psalm 46:10 is this week's Bible verse to remember:
       Cease striving and know that I am God;
       I will be exalted among the nations,
       I will be exalted in the earth.
It may not look like it now, but some day "every knee will bow" to Jesus, the Bible says. Listen to the next edition of WE KIDS and learn more. Here's the latest WE KIDS promo.

Old Glory

PLEASE PRAY for Americans trying to save this nation. They're weary and exhausted with the lies, slander, and nonstop persecution. They need us, "we the people", to hold them up in prayer.  Not just today, but in the days ahead! I'm praying for our country and our leaders. Will you please pray with me and others?

E-couragement from a WE KIDS listener in Georgia: "My 'dear' WE KIDS, on behalf of the listening area of GNN Radio, I would like to send a special gift to your remarkable and outstanding ministry!! After only listening and hearing your program for the very first time Sat, I was extremely excited and deeply moved spiritually at the completeness and simplicity of the GOSPEL account by the children! The 'celebration' was tremendously uplifting even to 'senior' seasoned saints. Enclosed is a donation to help support this fine endeavor with eternal rewards...For sure. May God continue to bless every work of love for the children's sake & eternally for Christ's own. Yours truly, Nelena" [Thank you so much, Nelena. I'm appreciating you much.]

At home in Red Bluff, two of us three sibbies are together to celebrate our mother's January 14 anniversary of her birth. We miss her but know she's with our Lord Jesus now and loving every moment with Him in heaven, a far better place. While she was here, she taught all her children about knowing and loving and serving God. She read the covers off and pages out of several Bibles, carrying their message of new life in Christ from her own parents to us. If you're a mom, by the way, keep on mommying. We need you and appreciate youthough you may not hear that as much as you should.

Moms should also know that I'm glad to care for your little ones during a half hour of WE KIDS and point them to Jesus. In fact, the next program is ready now. Listen!

Mr. Nick

PSHints are that the next WE KIDS exit-machine floats and is fast.
What do you think it could be?

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